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Jowita offers one-on-one consult services where she can help you with your memoir — from creating an outline, to developing a proposal to edit, and feedback on what you have already.



Welcome to my Services page. You’ve landed here because you’re interested in working with me and I’m so happy to have you here (ok, that’s creepy, it’s not like I can actually see you). Below, you will find my fees and a list of services that I offer. I can help you write, edit, structure, develop a proposal and so on. I'm good at what I do and I love working with clients.


I’ve successfully published books with big presses, small presses and once, as an experiment, I self-published a trashy romance novel that did quite well. I’ve ghostwritten a lot—from blog posts to brochures to entire memoirs. I’m also a journalist and an essayist with more than 22 years of experience in both fields.


Before you have a look below and decide what you’d be interested in doing together I want to stress one thing. I make my living by working with clients, which means that I’m a little bit like a car mechanic—where your work is your car and I’m the person who fixes it and makes sure it’s ready to get back on the road in perfect condition. Similarly to a mechanic I do need to get paid in order to support myself. And in order to be able to repair your car (write, edit, ghostwrite) I have to get paid. I understand that not everyone can afford my fees but I cannot do things for free. This is how I make my living and if I don’t get paid, I cannot do my work and I cannot support myself and my son (I’m a single mum). So do keep that in mind and respect our process together and our contractual obligations to each other.


I look forward to working with you. Please reach out and let’s set up a call or a zoom session to discuss next steps and figure out your needs and the best way I can help you achieve your goals.


I provide draft evaluation, copy/line edits of manuscripts and ghostwriting. I can also can also work with you to craft a book proposal.


The initial phone call is always FREE. 


  • Up to 10-page draft evaluation that includes a phone call, line edits and suggestions on where to go next
    • $200
  • Up to 60-page draft evaluation that includes line edits
    • $600
  • Copy edits/line edits of a full, finished manuscript and publishing advice
    • $1,000
  • Ghostwriting small scale
    • $1,500 and up
  • Full draft evaluation
    • $2,000
  • Full book proposals, full-length
    • $7,000 and up
  • Full-length ghostwriting of a manuscript
    • $10,000 and up (depending on the length of your work)
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