Meet Jowita

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Jowita Bydlowska is the author of the controversial, best-selling memoir Drunk Mom, and the best-selling novel GUY. She's also a prolific short-story writer, journalist and mentor. Her next novel, Possessed, will be published October, 2022. Drunk Mom has been optioned by Colombian actress and producer Marcela Mar of Ganas Producciones. 

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Jowita is also an excellent editor with more than 20 years of experience. She has an exceptional taste in fiction and extensive knowledge of the publishing industry. As a mentor, she offers one-on-one consulting services, from creating an outline, to developing a proposal, to editing, to providing feedback on what you have already. She also works as a ghostwriter and has published a number of successful ghostwriting projects (including an award-winning memoir). 




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“While the title suggests a simple autobiographical autopsy of motherhood marred by alcoholism, Bydlowska’s memoir delivers far more – a human portrait

of the disease.”

The New York Times
Book Review

“Drunk Mom is a rarity in this age of constant overshares—a work that had me questioning, “Does she want us to know this? Should I know this?” as I read it. …At times, it’s also a shockingly amusing read, sprinkled with wry, dark humour. I couldn’t put it down.” 


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“Being Guy felt horrifically natural, as if he stepped right out of my own debased, politically incorrect sex fantasy. This book is unputdownable, full of sly, modern details that made me laugh and grimace right into the twist ending.” 

Miranda July, author of 
The First Bad Man