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I have been working with Jowita for over five years. In that time, I have found her to be thoroughly expert and knowledgeable, as well as inspired, reliable, responsive, professional, and proactive. She researches topics thoroughly, brigs her technical knowledge to the table, adheres to the highest best-practices and standards and delivers above and beyond what is expected.


—Ghostwriting client (name withheld but reference available for verification)  

Working with Jowita on my book was one of the most rewarding and engaging experiences I’ve ever had.  Not only was her enthusiasm and interest exceptional, she was able to immediately understand significant experiences and outcomes, and detect intimately complex patterns that helped inform my life decisions and actions – past, present, and future.  Every detail and stage of personal development Jowita uncovered helped to propel the narrative and afforded me the ultimate opportunity – that of developing a cohesive narrative about where I’d been, where I was currently, and where I was going.  In the final analysis, Jowita helped me find and describe my true self, and as result provided the best therapy I’ve ever had.

—Ghostwriting client (name withheld but reference available for verification)


Jowita has helped me turn a book draft into an actual novel. She was intuitive, patient and offered a lot of great creative advice. She was also immensely helpful during the editorial stages of my novel and brought it to good enough shape to get it published. As result I got my first book deal! I would recommend Jowita to anyone looking for a sympathetic, sharp-eyed, multitalented mentor.

—Ghostwriting client (name withheld but reference available for verification)

Working with Jowita has given me the confidence to explore the dark, weird, and unusual edges of my writing. Her unflinching perspective, companion reading recommendations, and feedback has been incredibly useful in going deeper into my work, and my writing is far better for it.

—Julie Cameron Grey Author, Mentee

I have known Jowita for more than years, since acquiring and editing her memoir Drunk Mom (2013). She is a superb writer, fearless in pursuit of the truth and painstaking in her craft. In our work together on Drunk Mom—the fine-tuning of a manuscript, which left her desk in an already highly polished state—she welcomed discussion and the sharing of ideas. I learned a great deal from her. She is a shining example to aspiring writers, and a sympathetic, sensitive and enormously useful reader of their work.

—Tim Rostron Senior Editor, Penguin Random House. Doubleday Canada

I think she was one of the best writers I ever taught, which is saying something. As a writer, I think she’s sharp-eyed, clear-voiced, smart-brained, humble, funny and uniquely honest. As a person, she’s decent, thoughtful, articulate, considerate, and extraordinarily self-aware, and she knows a thing or two about young people's vulnerability; she’s also fun to be in a room with. As an instructor, she was amiable and kind in her dealings with the students, but it was clear that she expected clear thinking and hard work from them. When this commitment was forthcoming she mirrored it with a seemingly endless supply of advice and support, and took palpable pride in their resulting efforts.

—Ivor Shapiro Associate Dean( Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs) and Professor, School of Journalism, Faculty of Communication & Design, Ryerson University

A gutsy writer who consistently strikes a nerve. Jowita pushes readers outside of their comfort zone, forcing them to see the world in a new way. Drunk Mom has played an important role in a necessary revolution.

—Jen McNeely Founder of Shedoesthecity, Author, Entrepreneur


I’ve known Jowita for nearly a decade—first and foremost as a fan, she’s published incredible books that continue to be a source of inspiration for my own writing. I’m also her editor at Dundurn Press where we’re extremely excited about her forthcoming novel.


—Julie Mannell Editor Dundurn Press, Author, Professor, George Brown College


Jowita is a stellar writer and epically creative thinker. She will approach a story in a way that is fresh and, always, unexpected. In an editorial team setting, Jowita is a steady, empathetic and respectful collaborator, who works to drive the task/project at hand forward to successful completion. I always look forward to any opportunity to work with Jowita.


—Bunmi Adeoye, Senior Vice President at Proof


Jowita is a brilliant writer and a charming collaborator. Ferocious, inventive, determined, she can write about anything with intelligence and wit. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with her, and look forward to doing so again. A serious talent.

—John Blake Knetchel, Chief Capital Officer at Mimica

I've worked with many copy editors and I can honestly say she's one of the best! Much more than a copy editor, Jowita is a gifted writer and editor too. She catches what many miss but also weighs in on the bigger picture - which is often needed with a small team working at a fast pace. A her refreshing sense of humour makes her a joy to work with.  


—Alicia Taylor, Editorial Director of Clean Eating and Vegetarian Times Magazines, Author, Editor


Jowita is a smart and quick-witted writer and editor with a lethal sense of humour. She incorporates her passion for authentic and creative ideas into every project, from photography to story telling. Jowita also has a knack for visually appealing stories and display, which, I have to say, she truly comes at every challenge with a unique perspective. I worked with Jowita at Oxygen magazine where she was the Senior Copy Editor. How would a copy editor do that? Well, she (pleasantly) involves herself at any stage, from idea conception to signing off layouts. An inspiring colleague.

—Lisa Hannam, Senior Editor, Author

Jowita is a remarkably creative writer who can take deadly dry material and turn it into an entertaining and interesting read. The leads (intros) to her articles are often inventive, she has a gift for copy writing, and she's got a great sense of humour that comes out in much of what she writes. In addition, Jowita is FAST and really pulls her weight on a teamsomeone you can really rely on when there's a last-minute writing assignment.


—Kathy Obrien, Senior Editor, Author, Ghostwriter

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